Size does matter, price does too…

After several weeks of wittering, I finally decided to buy a new pair of running shoes for the upcoming long runs. I will share with you the quite unusual story that happened to me on this occasion. Everything started when I finally found the right shoes (Adidas Supernova M) in the most well-known running shop […]

Salomon X-Scream fluo M – A CityTrail shoe review

Last weekend as I was doing a check-up on my favorite online running shops, I noticed a 50% sale on Salomon X-Scream fluo M shoes in store. Don’t think that I am loosing a lot of time searching for shoes, I just type-in my shoe size (31cm) and even the biggest stores show just […]

Running shoes with screws – the manual

Winter has come! If you were thinking about how to keep on running through upcoming winter snows without slipping and skidding with every step there are several options that you can choose from: 1) You can buy expensive specialized winter shoes with spikes, like Salomon Spikecross: 2) you can use various snow cleats with spikes […]

Running shoes – part 2. – Let’s go shopping

This is the second part of the post about choosing and buying running shoes. The first part you can read here. In this part I will tell you how do I buy my shoes and what you should consider doing when buying your shoes in order to be happy later on with own decisions. So, […]

Running Shoes – part 1. – what you should know about them

If you decided to start running and to buy your first running shoes, you may step into several traps that are worth to be avoided in order not to harm either your legs or your wallet. To do so, you should get acquainted with running shoes’ anatomy and learn how to fit a shoe to […]