My Sunday Breakfast of Champions

Some of you might be thinking that I just got fed up with oatmeal, but this is not the case, I still eat it for most of my weekdays’ breakfasts. Saturdays I usually eat a small pre-race breakfast, but Sundays are different story. On Sundays I like eating eggs, ham and bread – just a […]

Breakfast of champions – the fast and easy way

Yes yes, I know… jet another guy who reinvents oatmeal for breakfast… My question is: have you tried preparing oatmeal in the morning rush? Me myself too used to be skeptical about eating oatmeal, but I gave it a try and after several attempts I have developed a mixture that works for me really well […]

An autumn energizing vitamin bomb – a picture story on the production

Due to the fact, that my tiny tot was sick and I am at home with her, I decided to do a basic version of an autumn energizing vitamin bomb. Therefore I invite you to take a look, with indulgence, at the picture story on how to make it 🙂 To execute this recipe you […]