Goal – Spring Marathon – final weeks 27-28

Here I am, my preparation for spring marathon and the run itself are over. Now I am recovering in a hotel at polish see side spending my time mostly in the pool, sauna, restaurant and bed. This is how I am planning to spend the next week. The second week I will start doing some […]

Goal – Spring marathon – weeks 21-22

Those two weeks were the beginning of my final quality training phase. I begun running long tempo runs and preparing myself for longer intensive efforts. Last year the beginning of this phase was very difficult for me and I only got the power and lightness in my legs after half-marathon in the second half of […]

Goal – Spring marathon – weeks 19-20

Weeks 19-20 were the last weeks of my third phase of preparation for Orlen Warsaw Marathon. Unfortunately they didn’t go as I expected. Frist of all, although I didn’t feel bad I was prescribed antibiotics and I lost another week of running. I was doing some other workouts during that week, but running requires running… […]

Goal – Spring marathon – weeks 17-18

During my weeks 17-18 of the preparation for Orlen Warsaw Marathon I run almost 140 kilometers. The plan was to have VO2max intervals, Tempo and long run sessions mixed with easy days. Polish winter has made me skip one interval session and slow down on the other one, but apart from that, everything went well. […]

Goal – Spring marathon – weeks 13-16

My January was divided in two by a skiing trip, so my workout plans had to be adjusted. Additionally, the pollution levels in Warsaw were very high and several workouts were lost due to this reason. Generally January was a good month. The skiing trip was marvelous. My daughter has learned how to ski and […]

Goal – spring marathon – weeks 11-12

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Weeks 11-12 were the last two weeks of the year – by that I mean Christmas and the New Year’s Day. This is generally a good time for eating, drinking and celebrating and not for running, but somehow I managed to do all of it :))) In week 11 I missed my […]

Goal – spring marathon – weeks 9-10

Weeks 9-10 were in the same time first weeks of the second phase of my training cycle – the initial quality training phase. During the ninth week I did three easy runs, one easy run with running strength, one tempo run and one core stability workout. Altogether I run 58 kilometers. During the tenth week […]

Goal – spring marathon – weeks 7-8

I am back on track! No more coughing or runny nose – I finally felt good and I was gradually increasing mileage during those two weeks. I was afraid to execute general strength workouts as this could increase my chances of overtraining. I will do this work during the next training phase. Along with December, […]

The principles of training by Jack Daniels

Why anyone should read about training principles? Because they are the foundation of any training program and because they are not all as intuitive and understandable as some people might think they are. Why Jack Daniels? Well, a good number of coaches has written about principles of training, but I particularly like how Jack Daniels […]

Goal – spring marathon – weeks 5-6

Monday, 7.11.2106 – Thursday, 10.11.2016 No running. I was getting better, no more fever, but still I had a pretty bad, dry cough. I didn’t feel like running, especially as the temperature was dropping down to 0 degrees. Friday, 11.11.2016 When I woke up, my throat felt irritated and my cough did not pass. After […]