Running for weight loss or weight loss for running? My approach to getting back after a break

Most people think that running as an endurance sport is great for losing weight – after all almost all runners are extremely lean with BMI index below average. In fact, this is a little bit more difficult than this. Most good runners are lean because of genetic predispositions, and they tend to keep low weight […]

It’s not snowing in winter but snow-storming into runners’ eyes

I don’t intend to whine about weather conditions, but this was my thought that came to my mind during my yesterday’s long run. During my two and a half hour run I have passed by some several dozens of runners – all of them had winter hats on and all of them were crinkling their […]

Why do you run?

Why do I really run… The question about goal is one of those most important questions that everyone should pose at the very beginning of any action and then pose it again every once in a while just to make sure that the original answers are still valid. Why do we run? – to win, […]

My first time…

It was in August 2009 at the seaside when my friend Jerry told me, while drinking beer, that he had heard about a street race in Warsaw, some 10k called Run Warsaw. When he proposed that we would take part in it, my first thought was that he had really lost it – although in […]