The principles of training by Jack Daniels

Why anyone should read about training principles? Because they are the foundation of any training program and because they are not all as intuitive and understandable as some people might think they are. Why Jack Daniels? Well, a good number of coaches has written about principles of training, but I particularly like how Jack Daniels […]

Goal – spring marathon – weeks 5-6

Monday, 7.11.2106 – Thursday, 10.11.2016 No running. I was getting better, no more fever, but still I had a pretty bad, dry cough. I didn’t feel like running, especially as the temperature was dropping down to 0 degrees. Friday, 11.11.2016 When I woke up, my throat felt irritated and my cough did not pass. After […]

Running and injuries

The mechanics of injury in running is not usually connected with a noticeable shock or fall, but with microtraumatic loads applied to the body day after day after day. A well-balanced training program not only focuses on increasing performance, that is on running faster at longer distances, but also on how to stabilize the body […]

Goal – spring marathon – weeks 3-4

Those two weeks were supposed to be easier and more enjoyable, but in reality the level of my fatigue was increasing. The test run on 5km went rather badly, and in the middle of the fourth week I got a viral infection, which was probably caused by fatigue. In spite of dropping the intensity and […]

Running shoes – part 2. – Let’s go shopping

This is the second part of the post about choosing and buying running shoes. The first part you can read here. In this part I will tell you how do I buy my shoes and what you should consider doing when buying your shoes in order to be happy later on with own decisions. So, […]

Goal – spring marathon – weeks 1-2

This is my first training summary in my training cycle for the spring marathon. I have two weeks of training behind me. Well I have to say that the weather was lovely for ducks… During those two weeks I think I only managed to have three out of ten runs without getting wet. The general […]

Why do runners need stability exercises?

There is a lot said and written about the stability exercises lately – there are many articles encouraging to this kind of exercises, but a clear description of why anyone should really do them is a rare thing to encounter. Additionally, stability exercises themselves are rather unattractive, particularly for males and they usually lose the […]

An autumn energizing vitamin bomb – a picture story on the production

Due to the fact, that my tiny tot was sick and I am at home with her, I decided to do a basic version of an autumn energizing vitamin bomb. Therefore I invite you to take a look, with indulgence, at the picture story on how to make it 🙂 To execute this recipe you […]

Goal – a spring marathon under three hours

This is the first post in a cycle of my workout posts. I will present my goals for the upcoming season and a draft of a macro-cycle plan preparing me for a start in a spring marathon – in my case it is probably going to be Orlen Warsaw Marathon at the end of April. […]

Running Shoes – part 1. – what you should know about them

If you decided to start running and to buy your first running shoes, you may step into several traps that are worth to be avoided in order not to harm either your legs or your wallet. To do so, you should get acquainted with running shoes’ anatomy and learn how to fit a shoe to […]