Goal – spring marathon – weeks 7-8

I am back on track! No more coughing or runny nose – I finally felt good and I was gradually increasing mileage during those two weeks. I was afraid to execute general strength workouts as this could increase my chances of overtraining. I will do this work during the next training phase. Along with December, […]

Goal – spring marathon – weeks 5-6

Monday, 7.11.2106 – Thursday, 10.11.2016 No running. I was getting better, no more fever, but still I had a pretty bad, dry cough. I didn’t feel like running, especially as the temperature was dropping down to 0 degrees. Friday, 11.11.2016 When I woke up, my throat felt irritated and my cough did not pass. After […]

Goal – spring marathon – weeks 3-4

Those two weeks were supposed to be easier and more enjoyable, but in reality the level of my fatigue was increasing. The test run on 5km went rather badly, and in the middle of the fourth week I got a viral infection, which was probably caused by fatigue. In spite of dropping the intensity and […]

Goal – spring marathon – weeks 1-2

This is my first training summary in my training cycle for the spring marathon. I have two weeks of training behind me. Well I have to say that the weather was lovely for ducks… During those two weeks I think I only managed to have three out of ten runs without getting wet. The general […]

Goal – a spring marathon under three hours

This is the first post in a cycle of my workout posts. I will present my goals for the upcoming season and a draft of a macro-cycle plan preparing me for a start in a spring marathon – in my case it is probably going to be Orlen Warsaw Marathon at the end of April. […]

My first time…

It was in August 2009 at the seaside when my friend Jerry told me, while drinking beer, that he had heard about a street race in Warsaw, some 10k called Run Warsaw. When he proposed that we would take part in it, my first thought was that he had really lost it – although in […]