Hello, my name is Kamil Zawadzki and I am a runner, a big runner. Maybe someone will say, that it is an overstatement because I don’t have a professional background and I am generally not suitable for being a long distance runner as I am 190cm high and I weigh almost 90kg, but in spite of that, I will insist on it 🙂


I was born in Warsaw in 1979. I have always done sports. I have practiced basketball and martial arts – those were my greatest passions of the first twenty years of my life. I am instructor of sports with specialization in tennis and assistant instructor of alpine skiing. I have worked for six years as an instructor of both of these sports, mainly teaching school-age children and youth. I also have a good background in strength training, which was always going along with sports I practiced. I used to run during practicing other sports or just for myself, but until 2009 it was neither properly structurized nor very regular. It was then when my friend proposed me to take part in running competition Run Warsaw 2009 – and that is how it all began, more about this you can read here.

From the perspective of seven years of running I must admit that my first running competition has changed my life. I got caught like a fish on a hook. Since that time I have run almost eleven thousand kilometers, from which almost eleven hundred kilometers has been run during competitions on distances from 5k to marathon. My nature pushes me to analyze things and improve – to run better, faster and train more effectively.

I write this blog to share my running experiences from perspective of a big amateur runner, and to help everyone who wants to start running or who has just started a running adventure with road running. I want to share my motivations and inspire to action because I do believe that it is worth to change the world starting with oneself. That is my road that I have just entered; the road I invite you on, and anyone who will be willing to spend some time on reading what I have to write. Use that what you think works for you and develop as a runner, especially if you are, as I am, a big runner.