Goal – Spring Marathon – final weeks 27-28

Here I am, my preparation for spring marathon and the run itself are over. Now I am recovering in a hotel at polish see side spending my time mostly in the pool, sauna, restaurant and bed. This is how I am planning to spend the next week. The second week I will start doing some bike workouts and some light strength training, but I will not run for at least two weeks.

This is how it all ended. Here you can read the summary of my last two weeks and few words about the marathon itself. The full  race coverage you can read here.

Monday, 10.04.2017 – day off

Tuesday, 11.04.2017

Plan: Easy run

This day I was on a business trip to Białowieża Forest – a beautiful place in eastern Poland, so I spent most of the day on my feet and about four hours on the bus. I planned to run an easy run but I was very tired and out of energy after getting back home in the evening, so the run was very slow – I just shuffled forward for 12 kilometers and finished happy that the run was over.

Execution: 12,11km, 1:08:52, av.pace: 5:41/km, av.hr: 137 (68%hrmax)

Wednesday, 12.04.2017

Plan: 40min marathon pace run

On this Wednesday I wanted to do my last strong tempo/MP workout before the marathon, but it was raining and it was very windy. After a warmup jog I started to run faster, but my average pace was about 4:40/km and I couldn’t pick up the pace without a substantial effort. The run was terrible due to the weather conditions and after thirty minutes I was soaked. I did my 40 min marathon pace run, but I wouldn’t want to repeat it ever again…

Execution: 11,73km, 0:59:17, av.pace: 5:03/km, av.hr: 152 (76%hrmax)

Tempo run: 8,5km, 0:39:51, av.pace: 4:41/km, av.hr: 159 (80%hrmax)

Thursday, 13.04.2017 – day off

Friday, 14.04.2017

Plan: Easy run

I felt fresh after a day without running so this easy run was a faster one. I run my 12 kilometers in an average pace of 5:16/km and without much effort.

Execution: 12,09km, 1:03:27, av.pace: 5:15/km, av.hr: 142 (71%hrmax)

Saturday, 15.04.2017

Plan: Parkrun race/tempo run

On this Parkrun race I wanted to run a real tempo workout. I started few seconds faster due to a slight downhill at the beginning of my Parkrun course and I kept the effort throughout the race. The tempo was getting more and more difficult but it was under control for all the race and I felt I could run faster. It turned out that the pace was very stable at average of 4:05/km – a really good tempo run.

Execution: 9,23km, 0:44:52, av.pace: 4:52/km, av.hr: 150 (75%hrmax)

Tempo run: 5km, 0:20:25, av.pace: 4:05/km, av.hr: 168 (84%hrmax)

Sunday, 16.04.2017

Plan: Long steady run

A week before marathon my Sunday long run was reduced to 90 minutes. After having spent the whole day at the table (it was Easter after all) I went out for a run around the place where my mother lives – just by the Kampinoski National Park. The weather was nice and my run was very pleasant and relaxing after the whole day at the table. The pace was rather slow (5:40/km) but it was not my intention to go faster on this day.

Execution: 16,03km, 1:30:25, av.pace: 5:39/km, av.hr: 137 (69%hrmax)

Monday, 17.04.2017 – day off

Tuesday, 18.04.2017

Plan: Easy run

On this Tuesday I did a slow easy 13 kilometer run. It was very cold and windy, but thankfully I was dressed up like it had been winter.

Execution:12,86km, 1:11:41, av.pace: 5:34/km, av.hr: 140 (70%hrmax)

Wednesday, 19.04.2017

Plan: Marathon Pace 5x1km

During this run I was supposed to get the final feeling of my marathon pace. I started the run with 20 minutes of warmup run and I moved to 1km Marathon pace runs with one minute breaks in jog. I had some problems with my watch during this run – I didn’t check the uploaded workout and it turned out to be different than I thought, but I overridden it manually and apart from lap markings everything else was recorded just fine. The marathon pace felt OK and I thought I was ready to test in during my real marathon race.

Execution: 11,90km, 1:01:17, av.pace: 5:09/km, av.hr: 147 (73%hrmax)

MP kilometers: 4:32, 4:31, 4:29, 4:36, 4:38

Thursday, 20.04.2017 – day off

Friday, 21.04.2017

Plan: Easy run with eight 100m strides

This was my last run before the marathon race, so I didn’t want to overdo anything. I did 10 kilometers of easy run with eight 100 meters strides. I kept the pace at comfortable level and didn’t run too fast during the strides – just a little bit faster than my 5k pace. At the end of the run I felt very good and ready to race.

Execution: 10,24km, 0:53:31, av.pace: 5:14/km, av.hr: 146 (73%hrmax)

Saturday, 22.04.2017 – rest day

Sunday, 23.04.2017 – final race day

I wish I could tell you that everything went the way I wanted, but it didn’t. I guess this happens from time to time, but still it is very frustrating when it happens during races that are very difficult to prepare for… The full race coverage you can read here, now I will just mention that everything was fine during the first half, but I have fallen apart around 26 kilometer. First, I felt my heart rate went up and I began having problems with keeping my pace, I started having cramps and felt pain in the area of my left hip and when after several slower kilometers when I wanted to get back on my pace I got stomach spasms and I had to stop for a while. I couldn’t intake anything but water and I couldn’t really run, so I just moved towards finish walking/jogging slowly, loosing almost 25 minutes during the second half of the race. I finished in net time 3:33:52. Lots of people would be happy, hack, few years ago I would be very happy myself with this time, but today this is a disaster for me. Now what irritates me the most is the fact, that I have a pretty good idea about what has happened to me during the race and that it could have been prevented If I had paid more attention to few things during my training and in the last week before the marathon.

Execution: 42,54km, 3:33:52, av.pace: 5:02/km, av.hr: 156 (78%hrmax)

Anyway, I am not the kind of guy that gives up and quits, I rather learn on my mistakes and get stronger for the next competition. Now it is the time to rethink my training and goals and start again. Hope you will stay with me and see me getting back on the right track.


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