It’s not snowing in winter but snow-storming into runners’ eyes

I don’t intend to whine about weather conditions, but this was my thought that came to my mind during my yesterday’s long run. During my two and a half hour run I have passed by some several dozens of runners – all of them had winter hats on and all of them were crinkling their eyes from the falling snow. I have even started wandering if there was something wrong with me as in such weather conditions it was natural for me to wear my summer running cap underneath my winter beanie or a headband… If I were to run for over two hours in a snowstorm without my eyes being protected under my cap, I would go mad… but maybe I am just not resistant enough and too nervous…

Anyway, if you want to get rid of problems with snow getting into your eyes during the upcoming winter attack, I recommend you to try wearing your regular summer running cap underneath your winter beanie. This way you can protect yourself from both low winter sun and from snow. Additionally, you can use any winter hat over your cap and get just the level of warmth you desire for a given day.

Even if it is not in line with the newest fashion trends, no one will see you during a snowstorm anyway 🙂

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