Goal – spring marathon – weeks 5-6

Monday, 7.11.2106 – Thursday, 10.11.2016

No running. I was getting better, no more fever, but still I had a pretty bad, dry cough. I didn’t feel like running, especially as the temperature was dropping down to 0 degrees.

Friday, 11.11.2016

When I woke up, my throat felt irritated and my cough did not pass. After an inner battle between desires and brains, I finally decided to stay home – this is the second Independence Run in a row that I missed… I started doing inhalations – maybe this will speed up the healing process…

In the evening, as my legs were ready for action, I did 45 minutes on stationary bike and had a stretching session.

Saturday, 12.11.2016

Plan: easy 7 kilometers

Finally, I decided to go out in the evening. I run my small loop of 7km. It took me 38 minutes of slow run with average heart rate of 139.

Sunday, 13.11.2016

Plan: easy 12 kilometers – The run was going ok, except for the low cadence. My legs were rather tired but I thought I was doing all right. I felt ok, and I was hoping to get back to action for real.

Execution: 12,1km, 1:05:59, pace: 5:27/km, av.hr: 144 (72%hrmax)

Monday, 14.11.2016

Plan: strength training – I started out with 30 minutes of riding on stationary bike with 5 Tabata intervals at the end. (20s all-out efforts with 10s breaks) Then, I executed my set of strength exercises. I felt strong on all exercises and executed everything without problems.

Tuesday, 15.11.2016

The plan for this day was easy 12k, but it turned out that every consecutive kilometer was harder than the previous one. I don’t quite know what happened, but I was so tired that I went back home after 7 kilometers.


Execution: 6,92km, 0:40:32, pace: 5:51/km, av.hr: 142 (71%hrmax)

Wednesday, 16.11.2016

The plan was to run easy 12k, but as the day before I still didn’t feel good. I felt weak and tired. Additionally I had a mild knee and hip pain. I started my run in a very slow pace and I continued through several kilometers waiting for the initial tiredness to go away as usual. Nothing happened and I was getting even more tired. As I didn’t want to push myself too much after the illness I stopped after seven kilometers and headed home.

Execution: 6,87km, 0:40:23, pace: 5:53/km, av.hr: 140 (70%hrmax)

Thursday, 17.11.2016

No workout today, I think I might have went back to training too soon after the infection, and now I have a relapse 🙁 I think I am getting sinusitis, so I will have to stay inside for few more days…

Friday 18.11.2016

Rest and sinus irrigations. I hope it will work.

Saturday 19.11.2016

Easy stationary bike riding. Comfortable hour of riding – av.hr: 121 (60%hrmax). I felt good during exercise, but afterwards I was tired and sleepy.

Sunday 20.11.2016


These two weeks were very sad for me. I still have some time due to the long first phase of training, but I am slowly getting out of those spare days, so I will have to take care of myself better in the following months. Next week I start with a work trip, so when I come back home on Tuesday I will slowly get back to running. The symptoms of illness are gone, except for the occasional cough, but this may stay for some time. I hope the next summary will be more optimistic and I will be able to write about workouts and not about how bad I feel.

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