Goal – spring marathon – weeks 3-4

Those two weeks were supposed to be easier and more enjoyable, but in reality the level of my fatigue was increasing. The test run on 5km went rather badly, and in the middle of the fourth week I got a viral infection, which was probably caused by fatigue. In spite of dropping the intensity and distance of the two consecutive runs, my infection didn’t let go and I fell sick completely during the weekend. Today (Monday) I feel slightly better, but I don’t know if I will be able to continue training from tomorrow. Anyway, the next week will be easier, because on Friday, November 11th I plan to run a 10k race, so I need to let go one way or another.

Ok, that was it for the introduction, and this is how it looked in details:

Monday 24.10.2016

Plan: strength workout

During warmup on a stationary bike I felt good and I was full of energy. I biked with increasing cadence up to the end of my assumed warmup time. The strength training itself went also good, I have increased the number of repetitions and kept good form, however the two last exercises took me too much time and I didn’t have enough energy for their execution. I have to rethink my exercise set and remove two or more exercises, because it takes me too long to execute everything now.

Execution: Warmup on a stationary bike for 20 min, and then three series of pushups, side planks, bridge pushups, leg raises, Bulgarian lounges, calf raises, pull-ups and handstand pushups.

Tuesday 25.10.201620161030_105015-001

I felt good, I planned to do an easy run, the weather was nice with light wind.

Plan: easy 12 kilometers

Execution: 12,1km, 1:05:07, pace: 5:23/km, av. Heart 147 (73%hrmax)

Wednesday 26.10.2016

It was humid and cold, I planned another easy run with strides. Despite my expectations I felt very good and the run was executed without any problems.

Plan: easy 12 kilometers with 10 strides

Execution: 12,11km, 1:03:02, pace: 5:12/km, av. Heart 144 (72%hrmax) that included 10x100m strides – fast run with high cadence and possibly big range of motion in hips.

Thursday 27.10.2016

Cold, around 4 degrees, but dry. The run went well, but I was slightly tired. I managed to upkeep good cadence and running form though.

Plan: easy 12 kilometers

Execution: 12,05km, 1:03:15, pace 5;15/km, av. Heart 147 (74%hrmax)

Friday 28.10.2016

I took a day off, before the Saturday’s test 5k run

Saturday 29.10.2016

My first test run. I ate two jam sandwiches, I had a coffe and after half an hour I went out. I had around 2.5k to the starting point from my place, so I counted this as a warmup, I also did few strides to increase the range of motion in joints. After a few minutes we took off.

From the very beginning I tried to stick with a group that, as I hoped, was going to reach the end around 20 minutes. The first kilometer was quite nice, pace around 3:56/km. The second kilometer is more difficult due to two hills and is usually a few seconds slower – as it turned out this time too. However by the end of this second kilometer I started to feel fatigue and had problems with keeping up the desired pace. Additionally I breathed heavily and had problems with sustaining a good breathing rhythm. The consecutive kilometers were a disaster. Enough to say, that the average pace for the last kilometer was worse than my average pace from my last half marathon… I reached the finish line in 20:29, what was almost a minute slower than my best 5k time. I know that I was very fatigued during this race, and that this is the beginning of a training plan, but I was a little bit angry anyway – I just expected more. What is interesting, my heart reached 176 (88%hrmax)during second kilometer and it did not exceed this value until the end of the race, what could point out on the fact that it was muscular fatigue that mostly affected my performance on that day.

Execution: 5km, 20:29, pace: 4:06, av. Heart 173 (86%hrmax)

In the afternoon I also did a stability workout consisting of various planks.

Sunday 30.10.2016

Sunday long run – I took a root along the Vistula River, the weather was fair, it was dry but it was very windy I felt ok, although my legs were a little sore, after the Saturday Parkrun.

Actually, my main task on that Sunday was preparing a pumpkin – as you can see, my efforts were approved J Additionally I discovered that the best effect of evil luminescence is achieved with the use of red bike lamp instead of a tealight – it looks awesome and it is safe both for the pumpkin and for the house.


Plan: long slow run around 90 minutes

Execution: 17,24km, 1:30:02, pace: 5:13/km, av. Heart: 144 (72%hrmax)

Monday 31.10.2016

I started my strength training a little too late. First I did 25 minutes on a stationary bike, then I did a shortened set of exercises. Three superseries of Bulgarian lounges, pull-ups and handstand pushups, and two superseries of leg raises and bridge pushups.

Tuesday 1.11.2016img_9204

It was rainy and wet, I felt a little bit tensed after my strength workout, but my legs worked well and without much fatigue, generally I was ok and in addition it was a run in daylight, so it was quite nice.

Plan: easy 12 kilometers

Execution: 12,04km, 1:01:00, pace: 5:04/km, av. heart: 149 (74%hrmax)

Wednesday 2.11.2016

It was cold and windy. I felt good at the beginning, but after several kilometers I started to feel rising fatigue. My leg muscles were tired after the strength workout. I also started to feel pain in my right knee during strides. I have to think about moving the difficult training on Thursday… I did the assumed plan, but I felt overtrained and fatigued.

Plan: easy 12 kilometers + 12 strides

Execution: 12,18km, 1:03:51, pace: 5:15/km, av. heart: 151 (76%hrmax) this included 10 strides of 100m.

Thursday 3.11.2016

I felt tired and I had first symptoms of some infection. That is why I did not run on this day.

Friday 4.11.2016

I was still tired and had irritated throat. I started an easy run, but after 7 kilometers I came back home.

Saturday 5.11.2016

Another easy 7 kilometers. My legs are were good shape, but I felt generally weakened.

Sunday 6.11.2016

I am sick. My temperature jumps from 36.0 to 38.0 degrees. I am either cold or sweating. I slept through the whole day with only a short walk in Bielański Forest. I am still not sure how will it develop…


The consecutive weeks were supposed to be easier before the 11th November Independence Run, and then I was going to get back to previous mileage and doing the easy kilometers + I was going to introduce the elements of running strength, but now everything depends on how fast I will recover…

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