Goal – spring marathon – weeks 1-2

This is my first training summary in my training cycle for the spring marathon. I have two weeks of training behind me. Well I have to say that the weather was lovely for ducks… During those two weeks I think I only managed to have three out of ten runs without getting wet.

The general plan was the following: five easy runs and two strength trainings per week.


Monday, 10.10.201620161022_121601

The first day of my cycle, the weather was bad – cold and wet, but fortunately I was about to do a strength training inside. My training was composed of six multi joint exercises for all major muscle groups (handstand pushups, chin-ups, close grip pushups, bridge pushups, leg raises, Bulgarian squats) and two additional exercises: toe raises and side planks. Everything in three series.

Tuesday, 11.10.2016

My first running workout. I planned to do easy 12km.

It was raining an cold, I was slightly fatigued after the whole day at work. During the run I felt good, the fatigue was gone after few kilometers – generally it was a good starting point.

Execution: E 12km, 73%hrmax, 5:20/km.

Wednesday, 12.10.201620161012_205318

Second training – my friend from work organized a farewell party, so I started my run after three beers and a plate of chicken wings, my stomach was ok, but I did not feel too good – my heart rate was higher than usual, I was in bad way and tired – life. Fortunately it was not raining, but it was cold and wet – temperature around 7 degrees Celsius.

Plan: easy 12km

Execution: E 12km, 73%hrmax, 5:31/km

Thursday, 13.10.2016

Plan: easy 12km

I felt good and I ran with high cadence, by the end of the run I started getting tired, but generally the whole run was done without any perceptions of pain. Cold but dry.

Execution: E12km, 74%hrmax, 5:10/km

Friday, 14.10.2016

Strength training performer as the Monday one. I felt strong and I was able to increase the number of repetitions in sets – this is my normal reaction at the beginning of training cycle.

Saturday, 15.10.201620161016_134930

Plan: easy run

It was rather cold but nice – it was my first training during daylight – life’s great. I don’t know if it was daylight or the thing that I was short on time, because I had plans of visiting circus with my daughter, but I felt really energized and dynamic. I started a little bit too fast – under 5min/km, but I felt like slowing down on consecutive kilometers. Only after I checked my watch it turned out that I was going faster and faster.  I fixed the pace and kept it to the end. All in all it was a little too fast, but that day it was really comfortable for me.

Execution: E 12km, 81%hrmax, 4:47/km

Sunday, 16.10.2016Bulwar Wiślany

Plan: easy run

This time I went running along the Vistula river, the weather  was windy, but nice as I happened to go out just when it stopped raining for few hours. I felt my legs after my Saturday run, but the whole run was comfortable and easy.

Execution: E 12km, 74%hrmax, 5:04/km

Monday, 17.10.2016

Plan: strength training.

Warmup on a stationary bike. Training as previous two – in three sets. I was slightly tired and felt a little sick.

Tuesday, 18.10.201620161018_180129

Plan: easy run 12km

I had muscle sores after the Monday strength training. The run was slow, but with no pain. I felt once a slight stab in my left hip. My physical and mental state was bad, I felt weak and tired.

Execution: E 12km, 74%hrmax, 5:19/km

Wednesday, 19.10.2016

Plan: Easy run with strides, 12km

It was raining and ugly. My legs were heavy and I didn’t want to run. My physical and mental state was awful, I felt sick, I cut down the strides and I barely managed to finish the workout.

Execution: E 12km, 72%hrmax, 5:42/km

Thursday, 20.10.2016

Plan: easy run 12km

It was raining again, my legs were slightly better than on Wednesday, but I was still tired and I didn’t feel like running – generally If I were normal I would stay at home to rest …but I’m not, so I went out.

Execution: E 12km, 75%hrmax, 5:14/km

Friday, 21.10.2016

Plan: strength training

I let go on that day, I was really tired after this week and I gave up this strength training, because I felt that it would not be good anyway. I did half hour of stability exercises consisting mainly of planks – without any particular structure.

Execution: stability workout 30min

Saturday, 22.10.201620161022_121724

Plan: easy run with strides 12km

I think my fatigue started to fade. A day of rest did miracles for me and on Saturday I finally felt good. The run was dynamic and the strides hard. During the run I was trying to find a good running stride, increase the range of rear pendulum and shorten the time of leg recovery by a more active rise of shins. First strides in the training cycle I tried to do with reserve in order not to get strained, but I tried to execute the main principles, meaning high cadence and a long range of motion in hip joints (large pendulum). I run my strides not on time or distance but on the count of double steps. I count every other strike with my left leg, so every count gives me four steps – Each stride I count to 15. At the beginning it may feel strange, but in practice it is very intuitive and additionally it helps increasing the cadence. The approximate distance is more or less 100 meters.

Execution: E 12km + 8 strides, 77%hrmax, 4:55/km

Sunday, 23.10.201620161023_141927

Plan: easy run 12km

The weather was fine, quite warm, but windy. I went running along the Vistula river, so one half of the run was against the wind and the way back was with the wind. My physical and mental state was good and the fatigue was low. I ran lightly with the focus on good posture and effective running stride.

Execution: E 12km, 77%hrmax, 5:02/km

Summary: Those two weeks consisted of almost all easy runs and strength trainings. In this phase of training those are my main training units. It is a little monotonous, but one has to build the base. I went through the first crisis without any losses and I hope that the following weeks will go easier.

Week 1. Distance: 60,67km, time: 5:13, av. Pace: 5:10/km, av. Heart rate: 150 (75%hrmax)

Week 2. Distance: 60,72km, time: 5:18, av. Pace: 5:15/km, av. Heart rate: 150 (75%hrmax)

During Week 3 I plan to continue easy runs, the Sunday run will be increased to 90 minutes and on Saturday morning I will run a 5kilometers race – Parkrun Żoliborz. The last time I ran Parkrun in August, so I can’t wait to see the people I know. Besides, I want to assess my condition on this distance, as on 11th of November I will traditionally run the Independence Race in Warsaw and I want to assess my possible time.

Week 4 – as week 3, but instead of Saturday race I will do a running strength workout.

The next summary I will post in two weeks’ time.

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