An autumn energizing vitamin bomb – a picture story on the production

Due to the fact, that my tiny tot was sick and I am at home with her, I decided to do a basic version of an autumn energizing vitamin bomb. Therefore I invite you to take a look, with indulgence, at the picture story on how to make it 🙂

To execute this recipe you need: equipment, ingredients, the head chef and the sous-chef; in my case those are: my own kitchen, a juicer, eight carrots, four apples, a half of celery, ginger, me and my daughter – and it all looks like this:


Generally, when you use this type of juicer, you don’t have to peel your vegetables and fruits – it is sufficient to wash and scrub them well, but today we have chosen a peeler after all.

After few minutes of peeling, cutting and motivating my sous-chef, our working place was ready 🙂


Now the best part of the whole fun – juicing…


Yeees… another few minutes and it’s ready. As can be seen, the head chef and the sous-chef are satisfied with the cooperation.


Now it is time to fill in the glasses…


…and testing…


…finally, by the mutual decision the product has been accepted and recognized as fit for final consumption :)))

juicing 14

 I recommend this kind of juice for everyone, not only during sickness, but also prophylactically – especially during the season of catching cold.

  • Carrots are rich source of carotenoids and microelements which increase your immunity;
  • Apples are underrated by most of us, great source of vitamin C, pectin, potassium and iron;
  • Celery –only few people realize that it has two times more vitamin C than popular citrus fruits, it also has considerable amounts of vitamin B and E. It also has the greatest amount of phosphorus among all root vegetables, calcium, zinc, potassium, and even some amounts of magnesium and iron;
  • Finally ginger – it’s full of vitamin, it contains also calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Ginger has warming and anti-inflammatory effect, improves brain blood flow, promotes circulation and helps to burn fat – and in addition it has a fantastic energizing aroma.

All in all – it’s a bomb made of vitamin, microelements and more. This is of course a basic version; it also goes great with citrus fruit juice, red beet and parsley. For adults I also recommend hot spices containing capsaicin, which provides a warming effect, increases metabolism and improves burning fat, and also herbs, which can dramatically change the taste of a juice and transform an ordinary vegetable mix into a Mediterranean delicacy.

Me and my sous-chef recommend to use this recipe as frequently as possible 🙂

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