Why do you run?

Why do I really run…

The question about goal is one of those most important questions that everyone should pose at the very beginning of any action and then pose it again every once in a while just to make sure that the original answers are still valid.

Why do we run? – to win, to run faster, to lose weight, to be in shape, to get back into shape, to run a marathon, to run a marathon in …, to go out, to be with friends, to be alone, to think of life, to not think of life… there is endless number of reasons and many means of achieving them, that is why, it is so important to know your goals, because only then one can choose proper means to reach them.

Most of runners can generally say why they run but not so many of them can give precise reasons and legitimate means of achieving their goals. This lack of precise goals often leads to frustration, caused by stagnation, lack of motivation and desired effects. The truth is that if you don’t know what you want to achieve, you  are like a child in a fog – your every step is shaky, every stumble hurts and no simple achievement gives satisfaction, but more uncertainty. You get stuck in one place, because you don’t know what to do, you prefer to stay in your comfort zone, you start getting used to this state of mind. It’s a vicious circle in which many of us dwell and the first step to get out of it is to answer this one fundamental question – why do I really run?

Setting clear running goals will let you realize your running dreams, or will get you close to your desired state, that you wanted achieve through running. Well described goals can do real miracles for you – thanks to them you can measure your achievements, plan your development in a longer perspective, finally you can see where you are and if your actions are in line with what you desire. Your goals improve your motivation, concentration, make it easier to make difficult decisions and usually accelerate your development.


So what do you really have to do? How a well set goal look like?

The most popular model of goal setting is based on five principles that assume your goal should be:

– specific

– measurable

– achievable

– realistic

– time-bound.

The first letters of those principles form an acronym SMART.

Sometimes two more principles are added to those above:

– exciting

– recorded

Together they form an acronym SMARTER.

So, why not train and plan smarter.

When you set your goals remember of those principles and make sure that you described your goals in a specific and precise way, that you can measure their realization, that they are realistic for you, that you set a time frame for achieving them, that you really desire to achieve them and finally that you didn’t forget to write everything down – this last thing is often underestimated, but in reality it is the most important stage of setting goals, being the first real step for their achievement.

Of course, if you simply like to run and this is your motivation to get off your couch, then maybe you don’t have to set precise goals for realization, but even then you should consider what to do to make sure that you will be able to realize your passion as long as possible without unnecessary brakes.

Why do I run?

– I want to run faster,

– I want to be in a better shape,

– I want to live longer, healthier and better,

– running makes me a happier man.


My reasons are general and difficult to grasp, but for their realization I set precise goals, for example: in 2017 I want to run a marathon in less than three hours. Maybe it seems banal, but it depends on you if it really is. Does this goal fit the SMARTER conception – on the day I write this post I believe it does.

This post is not only about running, but about life in general. If you have read it than take a sheet of paper – NO, not later – NOW. Write down what you thought of, write down your goals, those most important and those little ones, running goals and life goals – they must harmonize. Write them down on a sheet and put it on some board or carry it in your pocket – let them be with you, so you would not forget about the most important thing…

…why do you run …really, why.

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